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The Green Train BandanaOne of the most interesting items we found along our Green Train journey so far is the bandanna!
A small piece of square cloth with an amazing history. The bandanna was originally brought to the world from India.The word bandanna is a Hindu term meaning "tie". Historically the bandanna was used to protect rather then wear fashionably.This set off the fluorescent light bulb!! What a better symbol could we have? It represents the "protection" our earth needs and "ties" us all together as one human race to save our planet.
From railroad workers, cowboys, and farmers, to hip hop, rock stars, world celebrities and athletes the bandanna represents the mission of The Green Train, it crosses not only generations of time , but generations and genres of people!

Nov 8th 2007
French President Sarkozy moves to"reconquer the heart of America"

by urging the US to show more leadership on global warming a "fight essential for the future of humanity". Find out more...

Pledge from founder Bob Wolf.
Its' "Last Call" and we can't afford to let down the future.
Find out more...

The Green Train bandanna
A small piece of square cloth with an amazing history.... Find out more...

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