The Green Train

The Green Train
Whistle-Stop Concert Tour

Seven major city whistle-stop concerts, and
over 21 small town acoustic whistle-stops are on the schedule.

The Green Train Whistle-Stop Concert TourThe tour will be made up of two kinds of concerts, major cities and smaller towns. Across our country you will be able to experience top named celebrities along with environmental speakers and video satellite feeds in between the music, educating us all on how to
live GREEN.

The Green Train will be including in its 20 plus car ensemble, two flat bed acoustical stages totally run on GREEN energy.

When the train pulls in to the smaller whistle-stops, performers and top entertainers will give an acoustic performance and also ask for your involvement to the Green Train pledge!

You will have an opportunity to be part of the train and experience all the latest information available.

*Concert information such as lineups, venues and start times will be posted and updated as we get closer to releasing the information to the media.

Nov 8th 2007
French President Sarkozy moves to"reconquer the heart of America"

by urging the US to show more leadership on global warming a "fight essential for the future of humanity". Find out more...
Merle Haggard

Pledge from founders:
Merle Haggard and Bob Wolf.

Its' "Last Call" and we can't afford to let down the future. Here's the pledge from our founders Hag and Wolf.
Find out more...

The Green Train bandanna
A small piece of square cloth with an amazing history.... Find out more...

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