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Sarkozy: U.S. must lead on world issues

sThe United States, must set an example on matters such as capitalism, fair exchange and global warming, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Wednesday.

"America feels it has a vocation to inspire the world," Sarkozy said in a joint session of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate and other dignitaries in the House chambers.

People worldwide "expect America to be the first to denounce the abuses and excesses of financial capitalism" driven by speculation, he said. "The America that I love is the one that encourages entrepreneurs, not speculators."

Regarding a fair exchange rate, Sarkozy said people expect the United States "to be the first to promote fair exchange rates." Unless some action is taken, "monetary disarray could indeed morph into economic war, and we would all -- all of us -- be its victims."

Interrupted by applause and standing ovations, Sarkozy encouraged the United States to lead the fight against global warming.

"(We) will not be able to achieve the results that we must achieve without America leading this fight for the safeguarding of our planet, of humankind, of the human species," he said. "We need America in order to protect our planet and its environment."

-United Press


WASHINGTON, DC, April,13 2007

"With more than 90% confidence recent climate change is human-induced"

One of the hottest items on the world’s virtual newsstands since April 6 has been the newest report launched by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The report estimates with greater than 90% confidence that climate change over recent years is human-induced. This and other such reports are heating up the public discourse on climate change impacts around the world. Are we, as a global society, finally waking up to these urgent threats for dire changes to the planet?
And what should we do about it?


Nov 8th 2007
French President Sarkozy moves to"reconquer the heart of America"

by urging the US to show more leadership on global warming a "fight essential for the future of humanity". Find out more...

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