The Green Train

Our Simple Mission

It's not a secret that we as a society have become very wasteful and selfish. Ignoring the fact we have an environmental problem is not only irresponsible, but disrespectful to our children and all living creatures in the world today. It is our lack of environmental education and available information that seems to hold us back. So we believe the answer is quite simple. Educate the world and lead by example.
Our mission is to provide factual information. Established environmental organizations and corporations that have been selected because of their credibility and success will be on board THE GREEN TRAIN. Making whistle stops throughout the US, environmental groups and leading spokespeople will be educating and spreading the word from small town America, to the larger cities and finally arriving in the nation's capitol, Washington, D.C. August 2008. We will then repeat the process across Europe in 2009 continuing across the world with a simultaneous continental "Green Train" ride in 2010.

Using the train, we plan to draw global attention by kicking off a continuing public awareness campaign by carrying artists, media and environmental spokespeople all sharing the GREEN message. We are hoping by providing answers and logical solutions, we can start making a serious reversal to this growing problem facing future generations to come.
The GREEN TRAIN has no political, governmental or religious agenda. We are a 501c3, non profit, educational organization registered in the State of Tennessee. Help us unite the human race to make a lasting change for all living things on our amazing planet.


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Nov 8th 2007
French President Sarkozy moves to"reconquer the heart of America"

by urging the US to show more leadership on global warming a "fight essential for the future of humanity". Find out more...
Merle Haggard

Pledge from founders:
Merle Haggard and Bob Wolf.

Its' "Last Call" and we can't afford to let down the future. Here's the pledge from our founders Hag and Wolf.
Find out more...

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