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The Train and Our Route
the train


If you wonder why a train was chosen to represent this mission
let us give you a little history.

The train has been used to bring people together since its invention.
It linked the east and west of our country together to make us one.
The whistle-stop idea came to life in the days of the early American west. President Abraham Lincoln helped found the historical Union Pacific. Politicians found the train to be the best form of transportation to reach local folks in all parts of the country.
When the US needed to rally its citizens after World War II, "The Freedom Train" was born. The train brought our country together touring the US with a unifying message.

Bob has a vision to bring back focus on the importance of the train as a form of alternative transportation and its use as a carrier of products and goods. They are also using it as a symbol of unity that most countries of the world all have in common.

In the last decade, the train industry has made major breakthroughs in going green. Alternative energy resources are being used more everyday, while Sir Richard Branson's Virgin rail system in Europe is already being run on pure vegetable oil.
The railroad system is once again on the visionary side of our future.

The Green Train will be powered by biofuel and solar energy.


The Green Train Route Across America

Train Route

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