The Green Train

What is it?
The Green Train is a concert and train tour featuring top musicians, actors, writers and artists traveling coast to coast to educate the public and enlist global support to help reverse the continued waste and destruction of our planet. Scheduled to depart from Portland in July 2008, The Green Train will pass through every geographic region in the USA during a six-week whistle stop tour finishing in Washington, DC. The Green Train is planning a trek in Europe in 2009 and a simultaneous train ride on each continent of the world in 2010. As The Green Train holds informational festivals and whistle stops throughout the nation, the public can meet the train in small town America, as well as the larger cities, to learn more and become involved.

Whose Idea Is This Anyway?
Hoping to spread their green message in a simple format, international recording artist and American legend Merle Haggard has teamed up with Bob Wolf his long time friend, fellow musician and the driving force behind a groundbreaking call to action for an earlier generation when he orchestrated the We Are the World Radio Simulcast.

Wolf personally telephoned hundreds of radio stations, networks and government officials across the globe and asked them to play a song called “We Are the World.“ “I discovered how many everyday people in the world really do care. People do really want to make a difference--they just need to know how,” say’s Wolf. “The Hag and I came up with an old-fashion way to deliver a new and simple message. A world’s fair themed train carrying exhibits and simple solutions to living green in a modern world.”

The Green Train gives us a much-needed urge to get involved. We can make a difference in the health of our planet. Can you imagine if only 2-percent of the world population decided to get involved? That would be more than 130 million simultaneous positive acts and environmental projects. What a fantastic start to improving the world and showing our children what a positive impact people can have on our planet.

Powered by biodiesel and relying on alternative fuel sources to power the whistle stops, The Green Train will kick off in Portland, OR on July 19, 2008. The route includes 28 states throughout the west coast, the mid-west and the south, before arriving on the east coast approximately six weeks later. There will be seven major concerts in cities on the route and dozens of smaller, acoustic whistle-stops along the way. The Green Train wraps up in D.C. when – on one single day – a call out to everyone to drop our political and religious differences and “DIG IN” while volunteering for Mother Earth.

Hag and Wolf have a vision based on simplicity and common sense. Both agree, “It’s not rocket science, it’s just re-educating ourselves and finally realizing there is a major problem and it’s time to fix it.” Get on board now.

Nov 8th 2007
French President Sarkozy moves to"reconquer the heart of America"

by urging the US to show more leadership on global warming a "fight essential for the future of humanity". Find out more...
Merle Haggard

Pledge from founders:
Merle Haggard and Bob Wolf.

Its' "Last Call" and we can't afford to let down the future. Here's the pledge from our founders Hag and Wolf.
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